When Love-making isn’t enjoyable–try this…

We all have times when we’re just not as “into it,” as we usually are–maybe because we don’t physically feel good or maybe feel emotionally raw for some reason.

When this happens and you bounce back to enjoying sex, that’s great…

But what happens if you stay in that space of “going through the motions” or maybe skipping intimacy completely?

Instead of giving up and thinking “that’s just the way it is”…

Take some positive action toward what you want and that can look differently for each woman.

(This is of course assuming that you want to feel desire and intimacy with your partner again)

Here are a few ways other women have amped up desire, connection and intimacy…

–One woman made receiving pleasure okay in her mind and actually opened to it after realizing that she had a willing partner but she had shut her feelings down, completely focusing on pleasing her partner.

–One woman challenged her beliefs about herself that her sexual preferences were not interesting to her partner. She realized that when she thought those thoughts, she shut down her sensuality and pulled away.

–Another woman realizing that when she focused on what she did enjoy (she loved to have her husband give her long massages), she relaxed and was more open to him and he was more open to her.

–Another woman who wanted to find the “right” partner for her chose to focus on feeling more relaxed and open as she went about her daily life. She found ways to feel more sensual and honor that part of her.

What I’ve discovered in coaching women over the years about intimacy and creating with my husband Otto our “Red Hot After 50” program…

You can make a difference in the level of intimacy by starting with you and your thoughts and actions.

How about you?

What are you willing to do today to amp up desire with your partner?

If you don’t have a partner right now and want to keep desire alive…What are you willing to do change your thinking about possibilities of having the love life that you want?

Increasing enjoyment in love-making can be a gentle, loving and even gradual process.

You can inspire his desire, as well as your own.

I invite you this week to open to and create some enjoyable intimate moments for yourself!