Too Tired for Love and Sex? Here’s What to Do…

We’ve all been there…

It’s 11pm, you’ve just gotten ready for bed and you’re really tired from your day.

All you want to do is snuggle under the covers, read a few pages from your mystery novel and go to sleep.

But your man starts rubbing your back and you know that’s a sign that he wants to have sex.

So, what do you do?

A part of you wants to get intimate but instead, you come up with some excuse, push his hands away and roll over, turning off the light.

Or your scenario might look a little different with weeks and months going by and neither one of you suggesting getting intimate–because you’re just too tired or any number of other reasons.

During this long winter, the two of us even fell into what we call the “snuggle trap” where we snuggled and fell back asleep during our one-hour connecting and intimate time we have each morning.

And we’re supposed to be the experts who are focusing on keeping love, passion and sex alive and juicy in our relationship!

Now of course there’s nothing wrong with snuggling (we love it) but if snuggling and going to sleep are all you do (and maybe even not that much), pretty soon the sexual polarity between the two of you will dry up and blow away.

The good news is that it’s all a choice in what you want for your life experience and if you want more sensuality and sexuality, you can wake it up and make it a priority.

Here are 3 love strategies we’ve been doing to raise the sexual energy between us…

1. Set the mood

We use music and although we have several favorites, when Otto puts on Sade’s “Solder of Love” album, I melt.

Find your own music or light candles to get YOU in the mood.

2. Be present to your beloved and to yourself

Learn to still your mind chatter and focus on what you love about him. If you’re thinking about what you have to do the next day, stop and re-focus on what’s happening right now.

If you find yourself making excuses not to get intimate, tune into yourself to see whether you’re really tired (or whatever the excuse is) or if it’s simply a habit.

If you’re really tired and need sleep, honor your body and tell your beloved when a better time to make love would be for you.

If you have a habit of making excuses not to be intimate, go deeper in your exploration to see what’s keeping you from opening to him–and address it.

3. Move together

Start moving your hips and moving the energy in your body. Often you can get in the mood if you get some movement going–and it can be fun.

If you want to know your 1st move to inspire your man’s desire for you (even if you haven’t felt much passion from him lately) then be sure you watch THIS video “Your 1st Move To Inspire His Desire” by entering your name and email address on the right.