About Susie and Otto Collins and Our Mission to Help You Create More Passion and Love in Your Relationship and Life...

Hi, it's Susie and Otto,

What if you could create the passion, love and relationship you've always wanted--whether you're currently in a relationship or want to be?

You can and we want to help--but first you might be wondering who we are so we want to introduce ourselves...

We are married soul mates, spiritual and life partners and the creators of Passionate Heart–where we help women create passionate, loving, connected relationships that last. We are passionate about making this world a more loving place by teaching women how to love themselves and each other.

We've helped thousands of men and women create the relationships they've always wanted through our Breakthrough Relationship coaching, our e-books, our programs and newsletters.

But our greatest credential, however, is our personal story of how keep the passion, desire, and connection alive and growing after all these years.

After our first marriages both ended, we met at a local spiritual study group and had the proverbial “soul mate” experience with time standing still and a feeling of coming home. We’ve been together ever since and quickly found that even though we were “soul mates,” we could lose our close connection if we didn’t learn some relationship and communication skills that we didn’t have in our previous marriages.

Our beautiful, new relationship could have been destroyed...

In fact, it was early on in our relationship when we started to realize that we were treating each other like we had treated our previous spouses (which wasn't good) and we could ruin our wonderful and very new relationship, despite our beautiful soul mate experience.

Not too many months after getting together, we fell into old habits of assuming and not speaking our truth to each other that helped end our previous marriages.

Here’s what happened…

Susie and her previous husband had slept on a water bed for many years and when Otto moved into Susie's house (after both our divorces), we decided to get a new bed. In order to do that, the water bed had to be disassembled and the water drained out of it. Without talking to Otto, Susie decided to do this completely herself and quickly realized that she was in over her head and needed his help.

Instead of asking for help (something she wasn't very good at), she struggled and became angry and resentful that he wasn't helping her. She assumed that he would see that she was angry and come and help her. He didn't.

Because Otto was also pretty good at making assumptions that weren't true, he believed that if she wanted his help, she would ask--so he didn't ask. He couldn't figure out why she had become so angry for no reason and he became angry.

It wasn't long before we both realized that we had to stop assuming and start making requests of each other for our relationship to stay close and connected over the years.

After that painful situation, we knew something had to change.

We made the decision that our relationship was more important to us than anything and that we were going to learn and practice everything we could to learn how to communicate and create the closeness we wanted--and you can too.

As the years have gone by, we experimented and perfected various tools and techniques that have helped us keep our relationship passionate, alive and growing that we love to share with you.

"We'll show you, step-by-step in detail, how the things you do and don't do make all the difference in whether you have the passion and love you want or are stuck in fear."

Along with Breakthrough coaching, we are co-authors of "Red Hot After 50," "No More Jealousy," "Magic Relationship Words,” “Stop Talking on Eggshells,” “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” “Relationship Trust Turnaround,” “How to Heal Your Broken Heart” among many other relationship books and programs. Please know that we walk our talk and we want to be there for you. You can get free insights, tools, advice and scripts from our free weekly e-newsletter and we invite you to ask your questions. We know that if we could learn how to create and keep deeper intimacy, you can, too. And so much faster than we did, because now you have us to help you, every step of the way. We look forward to hearing about every step you take and every success (We know you will be successful!)

Love, Susie and Otto

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