What To Do When Your Desire is Low and Your Guy’s Stamina Isn’t What It Used To Be…

Is it harder to get your motor or your man’s started than when you were younger?

Are you scared you’ll lose your sex drive completely?

Read on for our question of the week and our answer…

Our reader’s question…

“Help! My sex drive isn’t what it used to be and my man’s stamina in bed has really dwindled. The signs are all there that my sex life is coming to a close and I don’t want that! I want to enjoy our love-making forever and want to know how to do that.”

Our answer…

Thanks so much for your question because we’re sure it’s not only in your mind but also in the minds of many other women as they age.

The truth is that your sex drive can rev up and slow down at many times in your life (after childbirth, increased stress level, hormonal changes) and not just come to a halt at a certain age.

The fact that you’ve noticed what’s going on and how you’re feeling is the first step to reviving it. So congrats to you!

Knowing that it’s possible to revive your sex drive and that it’s normal for desire to be more intense at times and less at times is the second step.

Ok–so if it’s normal and if it’s possible to reignite your passion, what do you do?
It’s not rocket science but…

We suggest that you take some time and go back to basics and play.

Play with just touching each other without expectation of penetration. Take the stress off both of you to “perform” as you used to do.

Take turns focusing on the touch you’re giving and then become the receiver as you focus on the sensations in your body.

If your mind starts to get going about how this isn’t sex and any other negative thought you might have, tell it to be quiet and that you’re focusing on your body and your partner’s body right now.
Put on some sensual music and simply enjoy yourself in the moment.

This is a start to reviving your passion and taking the stress off your guy to perform.

He’s probably very aware that his performance isn’t what it used to be and as he relaxes using this kind of approach, who knows what can happen.

Your question, as well as what many other women have told us, is exactly why we created our “Red Hot After 50” program. Go check it out for lots of specific ideas about how to help you and your guy enjoy sensuality and sexuality for as long as you want.

The important thing to know is that love and love-making doesn’t have to die after a certain age. So go out and enjoy it!