Letting Go of Stress and Worry–It’s Easier Than You Think!

Stress–we all have it…

It interferes with our relationships, intimacy, sex drive, work and everything else in our lives.

If stress holds us back from our happiness, is it just “normal” and something we have to deal with…

Or can we do something about it?

Here’s our question of the week from a reader and our answer…

“How do you decrease stress for someone who has to be worried about something?”

Our answer…

Believe it or not, you have the answer to your question actually hidden in your question!

When you identified yourself as “someone who HAS to be worried about something,” you actually have the key to it all!

One question for you…

Who said you HAVE to be worried about something?

Is that a learned behavior from your family of origin?

Did you grow up with a “worrier” and that’s how you came to see the world?

Nothing wrong with that if that’s how you want to live your life but believe it or not–as an adult, you can start making other choices.

One of the most powerful quotes we heard about worry is this…

“Worry is a prayer for what you DON’T want.”

Worry doesn’t help your loved ones and it doesn’t help a tangled situation or relationship.

When your mind is going a thousand miles a minute and you’re thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong…

You are actually setting the stage for that very thing to happen and creating unnecessary stress in your life.

By worrying about worst possible scenarios, you are attempting to control the outcome in a lop-sided, negative

Let’s see–if I worry about it hard enough, holding thoughts about what I don’t want long enough–that horrible thing won’t happen…

Doesn’t make sense, right?

What would happen if you just let go and stopped worrying?

What if you attempted to stop trying to control what you can’t control, do something about what you can and relax
into your life?

Can you see how this might be a happier life for you and those you love?

This whole “letting go” process starts with your thoughts…

Observing them and letting them pass on their way–not holding onto the ones that don’t serve you.

Be easy about this but also get conscious of what’s creating your stress.

As Ray LaMontagne sings in the song “Trouble”…

“Worry, worry, worry won’t seem to leave my mind alone…”and “Sometimes it seems like this worry is my only friend.”

Don’t depend on “worry” to be your friend and what you “have” to do.

Know that you can drop worry and have a happier, more loving life and we invite you to begin right now!