How to Use the Secret "Crave Factor" that Wakes Up a Man's Desire for You...

What is it that makes a man want and desire one woman and give his heart and soul to her above all women?

We stumbled on this secret early in our relationship and it's a big part of how we keep our love and passion alive and growing even after all these years of being together.

In our previous marriages, we didn't know about this but now we do.

It's what we call the "Crave Factor" and it's what we are so excited to share with you.

What's the "Crave Factor"?

The "Crave Factor" is a completely counter-intuitive secret that any woman can start using right away to make your man want, desire and crave you.

In fact, when you know and apply the "Crave Factor" in your moment by moment and daily interactions with your man, he will not only be filled with much more passion, love and desire for you but...

When you use the "Crave Factor" with your man, he will immediately start to see you as the only woman for him and...

...the only woman he would ever want to be with.

  • It's the # 1 way to reignite sexual passion or desire in a man (even if it’s been dead for years)
  • It’s the hidden secret to PULLING a MAN BACK When He's Pulled Away
  • It's the way to make your man (or the man you want) to be "blind" to other women (no matter how young, sexy or attractive they are)
  • It's the REAL secret to keeping sexual passion alive, HOT and Juicy at 50, 60 and beyond… (We guarantee this isn’t what you think)

The secret behind what we're calling the "Crave Factor" where a man can't get enough of you (even if you've been together for 10, 20, or 30 years) is what we cover in our incredible "Inspire His Desire" program available here...

Learn the "Crave Factor," passion shortcuts and so much more in our program created specifically for Women over 50 called...

"Inspire His Desire"

Here's what you'll get in the "Inspire His Desire" Program...

  • Access to the “Inspire His Desire” video

  • An audio version of "Inspire His Desire" that you can download and listen to on any computer, phone, mp3 player or other device. (You can even burn the “Inspire His Desire” audio to CD)

  • The “Inspire His Desire” action guide. This action guide is a fun addition to the video and audio that will help you get your man’s desire for you revved up even faster.

You’ll learn the “Safe Heart” technique that inspires him to love you, desire you and create more and more connection, closeness and love as the years go by. You’ll learn ways that invite your man instead of preaching at him, complaining, and vaguely hoping you’ll get your needs met. Even the most “nothing-bothers-me” man will open to you when you understand and and start using the “Crave Factor” strategies we share with you in “Inspire His Desire.”


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If you're a woman over 50, it's time for you to stop buying into the idea that it's normal for love, sex and passion to fade away as you get older.

Having a Red Hot Relationship that's full of passion, love, connection and GREAT SEX is totally possible at 50, 60 and beyond and in this video program, we're going to show you how to totally and completely "inspire" a man's desire for you.


Get instant access to the “Inspire His Desire” Video program…

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