When a Man Has Erection Problems– What To Do When He Can’t Get it Up…

Sometimes, no matter how much a man loves you or desires you–he has one of those moments where he just can’t get it up.

He can hope, pray,  wish, call in a shaman and use every Jedi mind trick in the book and he still can’t get an erection.

When this happens, it’s frustrating for you as a woman and embarrassing for your guy.

Like a lot of women, you want pleasure and you want to feel the spark and the passion but when he can’t get it up (or keep it up), you can feel like you’re not desirable, that he doesn’t love you anymore and any number of other “stories” that probably don’t have anything to do with THE problem.

So, what does it mean when a man can’t get hard and what can you do when it happens?

In this video, we explore the question of what it means about you, your love, your desire and your relationship when your man can’t get it up.

Watch this video now to learn what to do when this happens to you…