3 Ways to Build More Confidence After 50

If you want to feel “red hot” after 50 (which can include having a red hot relationship that lasts)…It’s a no-brainer that you need to have the confidence to go for what you want–to step out of your comfort zone and do things that may seem new and maybe a little uncomfortable.

But confidence at any age can certainly be like the old question–“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The challenge is…

To be confident, you have to have some confidence to take the action that helps you to feel confident.

Pretty funny, right?

So how do you get confidence in the first place in order to take the first step toward what you want?

Most of us lack confidence in some area of our lives–love, relationships, career, health, money…

And it’s what we do with the stories and beliefs that make all the difference whether we are stopped by our lack of confidence or not.

Confidence really is made up of our thoughts and beliefs that we can change if they don’t serve us.

Take for instance my plunge into a 31 day raw cleanse last week.

Do I have the confidence that I can do this?

Not really.

But what I do have is a way to change my thoughts when they tell me I can’t.

I can slow it down and only focus on today and not on how hard 31 days without cooked food (as well as including a lot of other stuff I don’t normally do) will be.

I can change my attitude to being curious about new ways of eating and creating new healthy habits like regularly meditating and yoga.

In other words, I can take action one moment at a time and that gives me confidence.

If you’re wanting more confidence in a certain area of your life–maybe it’s to be your authentic self, to find a partner who you really want to be with  or get your relationship back on track–here are a few ideas…

1. Identify your self talk that’s holding you back

We all have a voice inside us that likes to criticize and belittle and sometimes, this voice is very small and sometimes very big.

Figure out what your critical voice is saying that belittles you and keeps you small–and just challenge it.

This critical voice is not your authentic self because it’s made up of fears that really won’t protect you–so don’t listen to it!

2. Take one action toward what you want even though your critical voice is saying you can’t

If your critical voice is saying you’re too old, too fat or too “anything” to meet your guy, challenge it  and then go to a singles meet up or if you like to  hike, find a group that likes to hike.

If your critical voice is saying your relationship will always be the way it is and nothing can change it for the better…

Challenge that thought and find some ways of enlivening your relationship by getting our “Hypnotize His Heart” program at http://www.hypnotizehisheart.com.

Taking one action will give you confidence to take another action and then another.

3. Keep focused on what you want

If you want your partner to desire you maybe the way he used to, keep focused on that.

If you want a better, healthier body, keep focused on that.

What you focus on will lead you to the next action and the next so make sure you’re focused on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

We are all born with all the confidence we need and then conditioning tears it down.

Take action now to regain your innate confidence and have the life you’ve always wanted.

Susie Collins